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Must-Have Items in My Beach Bag for a Perfect Day in the Sun

I am currently daydreaming of a day filled with sun, sand, turquoise water, Pina coladas, and relaxation! For now though I will make this lovely blog post haha. Make the most out of your day at the beach with these must-have essentials for a perfect day seaside!

Beach Bag Essentials:

Portable Fan - I have different options I like to take. I have a tiny handheld fan, a stroller fan with a flexible tripod, and a RYOBI fan. Any of these are amazing. It can get very hot being out in the sun, so I like to have my fans to refresh myself while under the shade.

Water shoes - I always have my water shoes with me whether it is at the beach, river, waterpark, lake, etc. I like to make sure my feet are protected from rocks, slimy algae, and pieces of glass (leave all glass at home!), etc. Sometimes you just never know what you will step on, so I make sure to wear them and not risk it.

Flip Flops - As amazing as walking along the shore and warm sand sounds, sometimes the sand is not just warm but scorching hot. I also like to have a pair to be able to walk to the stores or boardwalk for a quick snack.

Sunscreen - Because nobody wants to walk around looking like a lobster haha! I like to use high SPF to protect my skin from harmful UV rays. I would suggest opting for a water resistance formula to stay protected while in the water, so it doesn't come off so fast.

Towel - Not that this one needs any explanation haha. I make sure to always bring a towel, whether it is to dry off, claim my spot lol, lay on while tanning, or even to dust off the dry sand before hopping on the car!

Snacks - Definitely do not forget your snackies! Playing in the water can tire you out so fast. I get sooo hungry and thirsty from swimming, playing volleyball, or just sitting there tanning. It’s good to have a selection of snacks to keep yourself and family fueled to keep enjoying your day seaside.

Book/Magazine - I just love laying under the umbrella belly down on my beach towel facing the ocean while reading a book or magazine. I can just imagine it now and can not wait for our next beach trip! If you have a summer read that would be even better! 

Water/Insulated Bottle - If there is one thing I don’t forget is my water bottle! Make sure to always stay hydrated and refreshed throughout the day. Especially if alcohol is involved. It will help you not develop a headache later on in the night.

Waterproof Cellphone Pouch - This is a must especially if going to take pictures underwater. I take mine to the beach, pool, river, tubbing, etc. It protects your phone from water damage, as well as ID’s. Even if there are no intentions of underwater pictures I would still suggest taking one to the beach. I just wear it around my neck and not have to worry about losing it anywhere.

Scrunchies - Must have! I can’t leave my house without a scrunchie in my wrist lol. I have long wavy hair and the salty water can make it a bit wild haha, so I just throw it up in a bun. 

Bathing suit cover up - I like to make sure to have a bathing suit cover up for when I get there, when I leave, and to walk over to the stores for a quick bite or refreshments. I like to get cover ups that cover my shoulders to protect them from the sun as much as possible. Plus there are so many cute and sexy cover ups that make for an amazing picture sesh in the beach!

Sunglasses - I have to bring glasses along with a hat every single time! I do it to protect my eyes from the sun’s glare, and to be able to see without squinting my eyes all day lol. Plus! They look stylish and make the pictures look good lol!

Hat - You have to protect your head from the sun, so you won’t overheat and get a headache later on. I would suggest a wide brimmed hat if you don’t mind them. They are better at protecting more than just your head from the sun. I personally prefer baseball caps because they don’t fly off as easily. 

Power Bank - Must have!! I have to make sure to take my power bank just in case my cellphone runs out of battery. I love taking pictures, videos, playing music, so my battery can run low very fast.

A plastic bag for trash - Please don’t leave trash laying around. I like to take a plastic bag to gather my trash to either dump in the beach trash bin, or take home to dump in our trash cans. Let’s keep our beaches clean!

Games - I love to bring my volleyball and paddle ball set to the beach. My family and I like to engage in friendly competitions to add an extra layer of fun to our day. If you are more into chill games that you could play under the umbrella or some sort of shade, then I would recommend bringing a deck of cards! So many games can be played with just one deck of card, and no limit or who can and can’t join in on the fun.

Are there any other essentials I should add to my bag? Let me know! I’m always looking for ways to make the best of my day at the beach. 

I hope these items are helpful in making your day wonderful! So, grab your bag and essentials bestie, head to the beach, and make memories that will last a lifetime. <3

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