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Kilgore Falls

Kilgore Falls in Rock State Park

My first time in Kilgore falls was quite the experience. I had no idea this little hidden treasure was in my county. I wanted to go back, but I just couldn’t seem to find the time to go! I finally woke up one day and told my fiancé to put on some swimming trunks and pack our dog's (Diezel) life vest! He was so confused and excited! I packed our bags with a change of clothes, towels, plenty of water and snacks, and started making our way there! PS: Directions are at the bottom of the page!!

We couldn't help but put our windows down and enjoy the nice weather while listening to music. It was such a great drive with beautiful scenery.

We make it to the stream and start crossing the stepping-stones. At this point we can already hear the waterfall, and we are super excited!

Once we made it across, we turned right, then walked a few seconds and finally made it to this hidden treasure!

*Interesting fact: Kilgore falls was featured in the Disney movie Tuck Everlasting*

I would definitely recommend this to a family with kids. It is a super easy hike and very piqturesque! Once you reach the stepping stones you will notice the stream is shallow enough for kids to play in! Keep in mind this is a public area so early morning and off-peak hours would be a great time to enjoy some quite time! Other than that, it is a beautiful place to go with your family or on your own, and it is pet friendly as well!


1026 Falling Branch Rd

Pylesville, MD 21132

Directions: Located 5 miles North of Rock State Park

  1. Route 24 through Rock State Park

  2. Left on St. Mary’s Rd.

  3. Right on Falling Branch Rd.

  4. Parking on the right

Once parked:

  1. Continue on trail, reach wooden boardwalk

  2. Cross boardwalk

  3. In .25 miles trail splits, make a left

  4. Reach stream, cross stepping-stones

  5. After crossing, turn right at trail intersection

In .3 miles reach destination

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