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Barbados - Canival Valor

August 2013

Looking for a beach in Barbados with tons of activities? Then Boatyard is the place to go! For a $12 entry charge it includes all of the following: 1 Free drink, umbrella, chair, WIFI, transportation back to cruise ship terminal, use of two floating platforms out in the water, fresh water showers, restrooms, changing rooms, and a pier which you can dive/jump off of and has a swing rope.

Aside from the free goodies, you can also find Sharkey's Bar and get a couple of drinks! My experience at the bar was great, so much fun! I remember at one point they turned up the music and it was FREE SHOTS for everyone! Just a bunch of bartenders with two to three bottles in their hand pouring it in peoples mouth lol! It was a great experience. If you miss the free shots not to worry! I remember them having happy hour with specials like 2 drinks for $3 which I think is AWESOME!

Not into the crazy bars and booze? No problem! Boatyard has other activities you can enjoy. My dad and sister did a small excursion in a catamaran where they take you out snorkeling with turtles for $20/pp. They said the excursion was overall fun. They got to see some turtles and once they arrived at the snorkeling spot you can see a small ship wreck at the bottom of the ocean.

Overall my experience at the Boatyard in Barbados was absolutely so much fun!! The calm shallow crystal clear water, free shots, and all the free amenities!? I would definitely would love to go back!!

Ps: I do not have many pics of this wonderful place since my boyfriend (who is now my fiancé) accidentally went swimming with our phones in his pocket *sigh* The pictures I do have are from someone else's cellphone, and from the boatyard website which I will link and specify.

Enjoying our free drinks!

The following pictures belong to The BOATYARD website!

This picture belongs to The Boatyard website
This picture belongs to The Boatyard website
This picture belong to The Boatyard website

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