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Baby Registry Must-Haves: Products We Still Can't Live Without

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!! I remember how excited I was when I first saw the word "pregnant" come up on the test. My life changed instantly! As a first time mom trying to figure out which products are actually useful depending on your lifestyle, and once you find the products then comes the journey of picking the brand.. phewwww. So much work, and so nerve wracking.

I created this post in hopes to make your life easier, because trust me.. I get it. All products listed here were in our Amazon Baby Registry. Whether you're a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, the products listed are tried-and-true by both my husband and I, and majority of these we STILL use 8 months in. From diapering to bathing must-haves, discover the products that we couldn't live without, and, as mentioned before, still can't.

Alright lets get into it!

This has been a life saver since baby boy was born. It has nigh light, white noise, alarm clock, bedtime stories, and more! The 2nd Gen with charging base has been a game changer in being able to transfer it to another room for naps. If you are thinking of sleep training your baby/toddler you should def considering investing in one of these.

This portable white noise machine is so useful for quick trips! We like to keep it in the diaper bag for when we go on quick runs and baby boy has to take his nap while at the store. It has 3 soothing natural sounds with volume control. We actually packed this in my hospital bag for baby boy to use while we were in the postpartum unit. It is small enough to fit the diaper bag without taking much space.

We were looking for a baby monitor that was hack proof, and were recommended this one by a couple mom friends. It has been amazing. It has pan tilt zoom, LED sound bar, night vision, two-way talk, and it is a non-wifi hack proof system. The cable to charge the monitor is very long which is great and you don't have to stress about being super near a plug.

We bought this mount for the baby monitor camera, and do not regret it. Our baby takes his naps mainly in his crib, but sometimes he takes a nap in his bassinet or on our bed. Having this flexible mount makes the camera transfer between places so much easier and quick to set up. There are other options for mounts that are compatible with the camera, this was our preference.

Whether you are breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or just need some support while cradling baby watching Netflix. This has been used in many more ways than it's original intent. We've use it for back support while baby is sitting, tummy time, our own back support too lol! The cover is removable and washable which is great for little milk spills. This was a great investment and sad to say we have just recently put it in storage :') We've ran out of ideas to use it for, but if you all have suggestions please do let me know lol!

At first we had a diaper caddy in our registry, but the storage pockets and layout overall just wasn't our fit. We knew we wanted a diaper warmer, and other things, but the diaper caddies didn't have a place to put big bulky items as such. We opted for the Munchkin Diaper Organizer, and it has been working great! It is perfect for what we wanted and envisioned. I love that we are able to place the wipe warmer on top of it like in the picture, so there is more space on the counter.

This has been a great purchase so far. I read a lot of people saying wipe warmers were a waste of money because they never used them, but I'm glad I got it. I guess it depends on preference, or organization. My son doesn't like cold wipes specially in the middle of the night during a diaper change. It's even nice for us to not have to touch cold wipes when all you want to be doing is laying cozy in bed haha.

Whether breastfeeding or bottle feeding this came in very handy when having to dry all the bottles, pacifiers, breast pump parts, and now little baby spoons and more! I specially liked it because we don't have much counter space, so we needed something that was space efficient. Also it is very easy to take apart and pack for a trip.

As I mentioned before, we don't have a lot of counter space, so the electrical sterilizers weren't an option for us. This microwave steam sterilizer works great for us! We sterilize bottles, pacifiers, cups, breast pump pieces, etc.

Ok so!! When I first put these in the registry I thought to myself "pff! the organized drawers will probably only be the first time around when I'm nesting." Believe it or not.. I'm 8 months in and the baby drawers are SO ORGANIZED!! No, I'm not a neat freak or anything of the sort lol. I love the clear plastic bins for one of the top drawers where I organize all the little accessories, and samples I received in the free goodie boxes. The drawer dividers work great for the middle drawers where I organize the main clothes. I also use them in the second top drawer to divide the burp cloths, bibs, and clothing accessories.

All three of these have been and are still a MUST for us! This pack of baby bibs have been the only ones we've used even over all the cute graphics and bandana bibs we received. They are very soft, absorbent, and keep babies neck dry and rash free. They have size adjustment which is nice because we have been able to use them since he was a newborn and we are still using them 8 months in.

The KeaBabies burp cloths are very soft and absorbent. We loved them so much we ended up buying a second pack ourselves. I went for this brand because it was on a list of low toxic brands, and I'm so glad I did.

This pack of muslin washcloths are on the pricey side, but they are SO SOFT! They are also on the list of low toxic list. These washcloths are seriously amazing, we also use them as little burp cloths.

These muslin blankets are just great quality! We love them so much. Baby was born during the summer so we used these a lot instead of heavy blankets. They are pretty big so we could fold them a couple times for it to be warmer. We still use these til this day and baby loves when I cover his little legs while in the carseat or stroller with it. They offer many different prints and they are so cute!

These were a life saver for baby idle time. Baby boy took interest in them very early on. I would put the soft high contrast book on his bassinet while he was laying, and he would lay there and stare at the images. Then we used it for tummy time while he was growing or just to give it to him while he was in the stroller. We would also read to him the Hello Baby Animals book while in the bassinet, and he would just stare at the high contrast images. We loved these! I would def recommend these for your babes.

I feel like a stroller fan is an underrated product. We took this EVERYWHERE we went! Baby was born over the summer, so this came in very handy. We wouldn't point it directly at him, but towards the area so he could have fresh air specially when we went on walks, picnics, eat outside, etc. It has 3 speeds, LED lights, its rotatable, and the tripod is flexible. Seriously this is the best thing ever! Would buy it all over again!

If you are formula feeding then this pitcher is a huge life saver. We would make enough formula to last majority of the day. I wouldn't suggest making any more than that because it will go bad. Make sure to read the formula recommendations. This saved us from having to make bottles from scratch and mixing formula in an individual bottle. Highly recommend.

I hope this list was helpful and insightful. Our Amazon baby registry proved to be an invaluable resource. The selected products not only simplified our daily routines, but also filled our home with joy and ease needed during those precious moments with out little one. Wishing you a beautiful journey into parenthood. Please let us know if there are some essentials you would recommend.


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