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Cueva del Indio & Siete Arcos - Arecibo, PR

Cueva del Indio was so worth the visit! The views from the cliffs and Siete Arcos are so beautiful. The Taino petroglyphs are also sooo cool! They are mostly inside the cave, but you can find one outside. There is no formal way to get into the cave, so we did not go inside because you have to climb through and down. Inside the cave there is a natural pool. The guy in the front gate advised to only swim in it if the ocean is calm, but it is at your own risk!


  • Entrance fee $10

  • Parking FREE

  • Bathrooms are in the parking area (building with Taino symbols)

  • There are NO lifeguards or security people walking around to make sure people are ok.

  • There are holes with 25ft drop around the cave and they are NOT marked.

  • Please be careful and aware of where you step at all times.

  • Wear closed shoes with grip!

  • You will be walking on rocks that are eroded by crashing waves. They are very spiky, and a fall could cause terrible damage.

  • Protection from the sun: Sunscreen and a hat

  • Stay hydrated - bring your own bottle or they sell water bottles at the entrance for $1

  • Strong winds - Be careful standing near the cliffs

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