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Our Sweet Gender Reveal Party!

Raul and I gathered with our family and closest friends to find out if our baby was a girl or a boy! It was such an exciting day filled with so much love and joy!

Our party theme was teddy bears and flowers, and of course baby pink and blue! I wanted a simple and soft aesthetic, and that's exactly what I achieved. I ordered majority of my decorations from Amazon, but also from Etsy, party city, and Walmart. I had ordered a balloon arch kit from Amazon, but I lost my balloon pump and didn't realize the day of the party. I'm going to make sure to have one for my baby shower! :)


A common question I received was how we did our reveal! We decided to use smoke bombs from SmokeEffect and we loved it! My mom was the gender keeper, but she needed help from my dad to open the second smoke bomb at the same time. What she did was make sure to have them ready and just show my dad how to do it without giving away the surprise! We had our eyes closed so everyone found out before us, and had someone let us know when to open our eyes. The reason we did that was to give the smoke time to fill up the space behind us a little more before snapping candid pictures of our reactions. It was such a beautiful moment to find out we were having a boy. Obviously, we didn't have a preference. We are team healthy baby all the way, but thought this was a neat idea to keep celebrating every aspect of our pregnancy.

Both my husband and I have family outside of the country (Peru and Puerto Rico), so we always incorporate virtual activities in all our special events. We had a zoom link ready for all family members from far to join in on the fun! Aside from the zoom we included a poll on our instagram stories where everyone could vote whether they were team boy or team girl! It was so much fun to see the results at the end.

We wanted to have some activities planned prior to the big reveal to have some fun with out guests who took the time to be there with us on a special day. I bought some games off of Etsy that were easy to print and cut at home. Just make sure to print them on card stock so your guest won't need a hard surface to prop on and write. Aside from games we also had advice to the parents cards, baby name suggestions, and a diaper raffle. Boyyy do I recommend doing the diaper raffle!! Just send a card along with your invitation asking your guest to bring a box of diapers for a chance to win a price! You'd be surprised how many boxes of diapers we have of all sizes, and some people even brought wipes! It was great!

Activities & Games:

I’m one of those people who likes to plan and have everything done early. Raul and I took a trip to BuyBuyBaby and started planning for the nursery! And of course there’s been an endless amount of shopping! I’ve been researching all the best products, toys, registry must haves, and more! I want to be as prepared as I can when he makes his arrival! Plus it’s such an exciting, fun time of life that I can’t help but think about it everyday, all day! We are so blessed!!! Can it just be May already!? <3


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