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Playa Jobos - Isabela, Puerto Rico

Playa Jobos is a popular beach amongst locals on the northwest coast. Located in the town of Isabela, it offers an interesting combination of calm water that is family friendly, and wavy/rough waters for surfers.

There is a natural rock formation that blocks the waves from coming in, which creates the more mild side of the beach. It's super cool to be able to see the surfers from afar while enjoying the more calm side of the beach.
There is a natural rock formation that blocks the waves from coming in, which creates the more mild side of the beach. It's super cool to be able to see the surfers from afar while enjoying more calm waters.

You will also see children of all ages learning to surf by professional surfers who offer classes. It is a very beautiful beach with clear and fairly shallow waters.

*WARNING* Please make sure to stay in the calm areas along with the locals. It is easy to see the surfers and want to go out to swim with them, but the currents and rip tide are very strong. Please be aware of the signs.

Please make sure to take the trash with you! Let's be respectful of nature, so we can continue to enjoy paradise. Let's keep our beaches clean! :)


There are many restaurants and beach bars along the street by Playa de Jobos! They all offer a great deal of delicious food.

We visited the beach bar called Tabla Sala which is right by the beach. They offer amazing artisan mojitos. Seriously, you should try them!! We had the Mojito Caribeno and the Mojito Tutti-frutti and they did not disappoint! They also offer delicious food, and the ocean view is great!

There is a building towards the back right corner (if walking from the beach back to the parking lot) that offers delicious $1 fritters, traditional food, drinks, and beach essentials. It was one of the original shops there before they built the two beach bars in front of it (closer to the beach).

Pozo de Jacinto

If you feel up for a walk, there is a famous well called "Pozo de Jacinto" or "Jacinto's Well" that offers amazing views. Wondering how it got it's name? Legend says Jacinto took one of his cows there to eat, and tied it around his waist. The cow became startled, ran, and fell into the well pulling him along with it. It is said that if you yell "Jacinto dame la vaca" the waves become stronger and splash you as a sign of Jacinto's enragement!

While it is very cool to see, it can be very dangerous if not being cautious. It is a 30ft deep pit cave, and people are not allowed to jump off it/into it. Water crashes there and creates a flushing suction down. Please be very careful when visiting, specially if you have children. The rocks are very sharp, and the wind can be strong depending on the forecast. Also make sure to wear shoes! I had water shoes I bought off amazon that worked GREAT! They were very comfortable to walk in, and the sole was thick enough to walk over the rocks. (link below)

Aside from the Pozo de Jacinto, you will also have a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean from the cliffs, and a boardwalk that connects you to another beautiful beach called Playa Montones which is great for families and children. You will also find a lookout tower a couple minutes into the boardwalk which you can go up and take nice pictures with a great view!

All in all, this is a great family-friendly beach that offers a bit of everything. It is one of my favorite beaches when visiting the west coast of the island. I can't stress enough to make sure to pick up after yourself and not leave any trash behind. Let's be conscious and respectful tourists and be kind to nature.

Hope you enjoy your visit! Let me know below about your experience! :)



  • How do I get there? You can get there with a gps by putting "Jobos Beach" or "Playa Jobos" it will take you straight to it.

  • Where do I park? You can park along the road or there is 2 parking areas right by the beach where you can pay 5-10$ (cash only). Here are the coordinate to where I parked. 18.513624, -67.074995. It was a quick walk over to the beach, and it is right next to the beach bars.

  • Can I buy food and drinks there? Yes! Plenty of restaurants and beach bars to chose from.

  • Is there any shade? Yes! There are plenty of palm trees to create some natural shade, but I would make sure to arrive early because they fill up fast! If you are planning on arriving at noon I would suggest bringing your own umbrella or any sort of sun shade canopy. They also rent beach umbrellas and chairs.

  • Any suggestions on what to bringing? Aside from the essentials (towel, sunblock, sunshade, snacks, drinks, etc) I would recommend to bring a hydro flask (or any sort of insulated bottle) to keep your drinks cool while in the water. Water shoes are always a must for me! Also, I would recommend a waterproof phone holder case with a neck strap!! It is amazing to take pictures and videos under water if you want to carry your camera the whole time. 1000% recommended! I included links below on the ones I bought. :)

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