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Summers Farm Sunflower Festival .. with a 3 month old

A beautiful sunny day filled with 35 varieties of bright sunflowers to take pictures with at Summers Farm Sunflower Festival.

Our Experience:

We bought tickets to arrive at 10am to avoid the scorching midday heat, but getting things ready for a 3 month old took way more time I accounted for (come on first time mommies, YOU KNOW haha). We ended up arriving around 11am, so we were up in the sunflower field by around 11:20am ish. It was SO HOT lol, but so beautiful! There were sunflowers of all different sizes, shapes, and colors (35 varieties). I wish we could have explored more, but it was our fault for arriving during those hours. The baby was getting flustered with the heat (can't blame him lol). We were going to try and carry him walking to the swing, but again.. it was sooo hot. We were exhausted! Thankfully there were amazing beautiful flowers right at the entrance that we were able to take pictures with. We ended up going home right after the sunflower fields because we felt terrible keeping the baby out in the heat.

We absolutely want to go back next year when baby boy can walk and enjoy the activities. This year we are more than happy that we atleast have our beautiful pictures with the sunflowers.


  • Purchase tickets here: SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL

  • Tickets included: wagon ride to sunflowe field, one sunflower bloom of your choice, and 45+ activities!

  • They have music, local beer, hard seltzer, and food.

  • $19.50/pp online

  • $23.50/pp at gate



7503 Hollow Road

Middletown, MD 21769

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