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We Can BEARly Wait Baby Shower Details

As soon as I found out I was having a boy I knew I wanted to do the teddy bear theme. Cuddly teddy bears, balloons, bear themed sweets, and more, this theme is way too cute not to do! Below are all details about our beautiful baby shower <3

We had a photo guestbook with a polaroid camera, washi tape, metallic sharpies, and baby themed stickers. The bear sign we got on Etsy. Our guest book is actually from our wedding day. We bought it on Etsy and it was customized with our details. It was the same concept with the polaroid camera and stuff. We had A LOT of pages left over, so we decided we would use it for big events in our life, and what better occasion that our first baby shower!? It was so cute seeing everyone that went to our wedding flip back the pages to find their picture from back in 2017 <3

Upon entry we placed our welcome sign on a white easel stand along with balloons that matched the colors.

This "guess the birthday" calendar was way too cute not to have! All our guest were able to fill in their names on the date they guess would be our baby boys birthday. It was so fun once we were 2 weeks away from our "due date" and people were checking in to see if they won. Omg specially when we were in the hospital in labor I remember everyone pulling up their picture of the calendar to see if they won haha! I would def reccommend having this at your event <3

Plates - Amazon

Bear Balloons - Amazon

White Treats Stand - Etsy

Table Centerpiece - Amazon (teddy), Dollar Store (clear stands), Party City (balloons)

White Round Table Cover - Amazon

Cake - Shoprite

Cake Topper - Amazon

Bear Cookies - My mom and sister made them <3

Cellophane Bags for Treats - Hobby Lobby

Welcome Sign - Etsy

White Easel Stand - Amazon

Rice Crispy Treats - Mom & Sister made them <3

White Cake Stand - Target

Table Activities

  • Decorate a Block : We labeled wooden clocks from A-Z and 1-9. Guest would pick a block and draw a picture that would correspond with the letter or number. ex: A - draw an apple, or airplane, or avocado, etc. These ended up being cute, but some guest didn't follow instructions, so we had random drawings and quotes on some blocks. The instruction sign we bought on Etsy.

  • Guess Who : This game was a hit for conversation starter. I asked our closest family and friends for baby pictures with a good amount of time before the event. It was so much fun and hilarious to receive everyones baby pictures haha! We didn't really have a game in place for this. We just wanted it to be there for people to guess and have fun.

  • Let's Make a Baby : This game was so funny and unhinged lmao! The creations that some guests created were so funny. I would def recommend if you have a fun crowd. The bear sign we bought on Etsy.

  • Late Night Diapers : Of course we had this classic activity on our table. Guest get to write something funny or motivating to help with diaper duty! The bear sign we got on Etsy.

Dress: SheIn

Balloon Arch: Amazon

Ballons for Arch: Amazon

Teddy Bear: Borrowed from my sister <3

Peacock Chair : FB Market Rental

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